Here's A Thought...

Here are some "THOUGHTS" that will hopefully answer some of the questions that you may have about what the Bible has to say about our everyday lives. These articles are here to provoke thought; provide answers, guidance and resources; all in an effort to bring you into a closer relationship with your Heavenly Father!


Saturday, May 26, 2012


Eyes wide open and yet I’m blind;
to all the things I’ve left behind.
Through a prism I see as clear,
yet missing what I should hold dear.

Shadows of memories that fade away,
in planning tomorrow, I’ve missed today.
The stress and drive that keep me going,
past precious moments without me knowing.

It’s funny that our introspection
only come in moments of reflection.
The thoughts of what in life went wrong
don’t come to mind ‘till risked or gone.

In so many ways that we’ve been blessed;
un-acknowledged, un-appreciated, and un-addressed.
Goals, ambitions and dreams so near;
we miss what God has placed right here.

Why only after relationships failed
we reflect on what together prevailed?
Why in the death of those held close
we reflect on what we wished the most?

How precious is our life, our spirit;
I don’t know how my God can bear it!
All our Father has given and granted;
to acknowledge Him just seems abandoned.

In looking back I should not see;
all the things that did not be.
If of my life one gives account;
what will they say I was about?

Our life we live is in deception
if taken for granted from our inception;
to have a life of Gods perception
it must be lived in right reflection!