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Here are some "THOUGHTS" that will hopefully answer some of the questions that you may have about what the Bible has to say about our everyday lives. These articles are here to provoke thought; provide answers, guidance and resources; all in an effort to bring you into a closer relationship with your Heavenly Father!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Love Action

Love Action

We use the word relationship;
but what I see just does not fit.
We use the noun, its title, its face;
but the action seems to be misplaced.

It’s easy to speak of all our love;
but would you know it if viewed from above.
I’ll tell of all the folks I’m with;
While in their hearts, they feel dismissed.

I think it’s time we put to action,
the words we use seem to have no passion.
To hear the words of love are nice;
without actions, relationships the sacrifice.

I need to hear the words of love,
but even more I need a hug.
We’ll talk of all the relationships grown;
What means the most is what we’ve shown.

Oh to my God that sits above;
how easy it is to speak of love.
I’ve leaned so hard on what I’ve said;
Do you truly treasure what’s shown instead?

In all of creation you gave me life;
for all my sins, your Son sacrificed.
How little I have done to show;
the love that I profess to know.

Relationship is not a fashion.
It’s a statement of intent that requires action.
How can I say “I love you Lord”?
How will others know that I am yours?

God grant me strength and courage to get off my seat!
God give me direction to move my feet!
To be shown as yours with boldness and passion!
Not through my words, but by my action!