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Monday, January 24, 2011


It has been the topic of recent discussions in the small circle of people that I come into contact with. It never fails that when you are discussing religion or theology and the subject of “salvation” comes up, there always seems to be a difference of opinions. I am not God, and the Bible clearly states the only Jesus will be the one to sit in judgment of us when our Earthly life has expired. But if I may, let me tell you a couple of stories that might help with or change your perspective.

There was a man in who grew up loving a professional football team. His father and all his uncle’s loved and followed the team. At a very young age, he quickly adopted the family tradition of loving their hometown team. He knew all there was to know about his favorite football team. He could recite to you every player and their number that had ever played on the team. He was an encyclopedia of knowledge about the team’s history and background. He could rattle off statistics on each current player, so much so that he could tell you the names of their families and where they lived. The man wore their jerseys, had jewelry displaying the team logo. Everywhere he went all he did was brag on and praise the team. There was no greater fan or promoter.
It has since neared the end of his life and at the age of 75 years old, he requested a meeting with the current owner of the team. In that meeting he recited all his knowledge of the team and its history. He told of how loyal he has been and how tirelessly he had been promoting the team. He told of all the paraphernalia that he owned and never left his house without wearing something that represented the team.
Finally, after listening to several minutes of this man’s testimony, the owner stopped him and told him that he was flattered and appreciated the loyal support, but wanted to know what he could do for the man. The man paused only for a brief moment and said, “Sir, I have worked my whole life promoting and supporting this team. Now at the end of my life, I would like to be paid.” The owner paused and with a puzzled look on his face responded, “Sir, I appreciate your support, but you don’t work for me and I don’t know you.”

There was another man who met a woman and a short time after meeting, they decided to get married. It took no time to set up the wedding and the ceremony was very nice. They exchanged rings, he recited some vows out of a book and it was done.
Right after the wedding, the man continued to live as if he was single. He came and went as he pleased; worked long hours at a job that required a lot of travel; had relationships with many women. He stayed out all the time and would only come home about 4 times a month.
His wife was very patient and accepted the situation as it was; but after 20 years, she had enough and the man found himself standing in front of a judge. The man was stunned and pleaded with the judge, “But sir; I did the ceremony; I wear the ring; I pay my bills; I tell all I know that I’m married; I don’t understand!” The judge simply looked at the man and asked; “Do you have a relationship with your wife?” The man stood in silence….the divorce; final.

Our salvation is free and guaranteed. The price for our sins has been paid in full through the love of our Father and the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ. Our eternal salvation has been bought, paid for, and guaranteed.
I would like to offer a word of caution. Do you believe that your eternal soul is resting on the fact that you were a good promoter, or you wear the jewelry? Do you believe that because you performed some ceremony or recited a prayer; the security of your eternal soul is locked in? Your Heavenly Father loves you. He has provided you every opportunity to enter His Kingdom. Search your heart and your soul. Do not find yourself standing in front of our Lord Jesus Christ on the day of judgment and hear him say; “But I don’t know you.”

If this describes you; I beg of you. Find a quiet place and get down on your knees and earnestly and honestly begin a relationship with your Heavenly Father. There is no magic prayer; there are no magic words or ceremonies. Just in your plain words; in your plain language…talk to Him. Get to know your Father, for He longs to know you!

Your Father is calling!

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Nikolaos, Duolos Iesous Christos said...

Fantastic. It's like reading a modern day parable. Thank you for this post.